Primary Schools in Punggol

Which is the best primary school in Punggol area?

Currently there are 11 primary schools in Punggol area. Which is the best one?

Currently there are 11 primary schools in Punggol area:

  • Mee Toh School
  • Edgefield Primary School
  • Greendale Primary School
  • Horizon Primary School
  • Oasis Primary School
  • Waterway Primary School
  • Punggol Cove Primary School
  • Punggol View Primary School
  • Northshore Primary School
  • Punggol Green Primary School
  • Valour Primary School

Which is the best primary school in Punggol?

The answer is: the one nearest to your home.

I’m serious.

As parent, I understand you want to choose the school with the best academic performance. However since MOE does not reveal primary schools’ average PSLE score, and there’s no way to gather enough actual PSLE scores from graduates to evaluate individual school’s performance, nobody knows academic performance rankings of primary schools in Singapore.

On the other hand, there are students with high PSLE T scores or AL scores in literally every primary school, in Punggol or in entire Singapore. My daughter enrolled to Edgefield primary school, 100 metres from our HDB block. Then 6 years later, she got 268 in PSLE, back in the days of old PSLE T score.

So, in Singapore context, which primary school is the best for your child mainly depends on how far away the school is to where you stay.

Unless it’s a GEP school, otherwise forget about comparing their academic performances, you simply won’t have the data. Unfortunately there’s no GEP school in Punggol area.

Besides distance, the only other thing I would suggest to consider is, which CCAs the primary school offers. Go for the CCA that your child has lots of passion, and he/she will have a much better chance in DSA.

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